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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead is a 2009 American slasher film, directed by Declan O'Brien, and starring Janet Montgomery, Tamer Hassan and Chucky Venice. This film was released direct-to-DVD on October 20, 2009.



College student Alex and her friends Trey Liko, Sophie James and Brent McDonald go into the woods on a rafting trip. Her friends are killed by the mutant cannibal 'Three Finger', from the previous films. She is left to fend for herself, but not for long.[1] Two days later a dangerous prisoner, Mexican drug cartel boss Carlo Chavez, and group of other prisoners are being transferred by prison guards Nate Wilson and Officer Walter; Nate Wilson is on his last day before quitting to become a lawyer. On the way, Nate meets up with an old friend, Sheriff Calvin Carver, making viewers aware that Nate used to live in the area. En route, their bus is attacked by Three Fingers and wrecked, forcing them to continue on foot. To complicate matters, the injured guards are overpowered by the prisoners, with Chavez taking charge and in control of the guns. [2] While being chased through the woods, the prisoners use Nate as a guide to lead them to a watch tower they saw, to send out an SOS using the communications equipment they believe is in there. Officer Walter, now a prisoner, encounters Alex and an abandoned armored truck filled with cash. The money quickly becomes the prisoners' sole motivation for escape and survival. Chavez commands Walter to pick up some of the bags of money, but Walter refuses because of his injury from Three Fingers. In a last ditch effort to regain control of the situation, Officer Walter pulls out a gun and tries to shoot Chavez. Unfortunately, the gun was not loaded and Chavez executes him.

Along the trail, they stumble upon a booby trap. The prisoners escape the booby trap set by Three-Toes (Three Finger's son from the previous film). They then catch the son and behead him, leaving a trophy on the spent booby trap for Three Fingers to find as a deterrent. They soon realize it only enrages Three Fingers, and one-by-one, Three Fingers hunts and murders every prisoner and kills the sheriff and his deputy. In the chaos of the killings, Nate and Alex manage to escape. They are able to find the watch tower, only to discover it was badly burned years ago (being the same watch tower from the first movie). Chavez decides to get rid of Nate, but instead promises him another way to get out. They find Three Finger's truck and Chavez uses Alex as bait. Floyd steals the money and Chavez chases him down only to see Three Fingers lobbing a molotov cocktail at Floyd, killing him and burning all the money. Chavez then decides to give Alex back to Three Fingers to improve his chances of survival, and Three Fingers drags Alex into his truck and drives off. Three Fingers drags Alex out of the truck and back to his house where he secures her and goes back out to hunt the rest of the survivors; he comes face to face with Chavez and battles him with a hatchet and a meat hook. Both beat one another, but Three Fingers eventually kills Chavez, hangs his corpse in a tree, removes his scalp and eats part of his brain. Meanwhile, Alex has been tied up in Three Fingers' house, where she awakens to see another captive woman tied up with barbed wire, who dies shortly after. Nate finds Three Fingers' house with the help of the sheriff's dog and frees Alex, only to be ambushed by Three Fingers. The dog attacks and distracts Three Fingers, but is killed by the hook. Alex stabs the inattentive Three Fingers using the large stake that held Three Toes' head and believes she killed him. Nate and Alex take his tow truck and drive away. Three Fingers, not quite dead yet, follows them and leaps on top of the truck causing Nate to crash the truck into a tree and catch fire. Brandon the prisoner, who happens to be nearby, sees the whole thing and pulls Alex and Nate from the wreck. Three Fingers, still not quite dead yet, attacks them but Nate stabs him in the head with his own meathook.

Nate lets Brandon go free and tells him that police will not go looking for a dead con, but asks him to stay out of trouble. Brandon promises to do so and leaves. Soon after, the U.S. Marshall team arrives and rescues Nate and Alex.

Sometime later, Nate returns to collect the remaining cash from the armored truck (the rest having been burned by "Three Fingers" earlier). Suddenly Brandon appears and shoots Nate in the back with an arrow, retorting: "Never trust a con". Unknown to Brandon, Three Fingers, having survived, appears from behind holding a crude weapon dripping with blood. He walks towards Brandon and Brandon's scream is heard over the end credits.


  • Tom Frederic as Nate Wilson
  • Janet Montgomery as Alexandra "Alex" Hale
  • Gil Kolirin as Floyd Jones
  • Christian Contreras as William "Willy" Juarez
  • Jake Curran as Crawford Ian Lewis
  • Tom McKay as Brandon Lewis
  • Chucky Venice as Walter Sunshine
  • Tamer Hassan as Carlo Chavez
  • Jack Gordon as Trey Liko
  • Louise Cliffe as Sophie James
  • Charley Speed as Brent McDonald
  • Borislav Petrov as Three Toes
  • Borislav Iliev as Three Finger
  • Mike Straub as Preslow Alexander
  • Bill Moody as Sheriff Calvin Carver
  • Emma Clifford as Deputy Ally Lane
  • Mac McDonald as Warden Ladew
  • Todd Jensen as U.S. Marshal
  • Vlado Mihailov as U.S. Marshal Davis


Filming began on August 4, 2008, in Sofia, Bulgaria, and ended on September 4, 2008. Joe Lynch did not direct, instead Declan O'Brien was announced to direct the third installment. Fox Home Entertainment was announced for casting Wrong Turn 3. The only returning character was Three Finger, however he was played by a different actor, the third in as many films with a fourth due to play him in 'Wrong Turn 4'.[3]


Although it was a commercial success, the reaction to this film was mainly negative. This film received an 18% fresh from the Rotten Tomatoes community. Bloody Disgusting said "If WT2 raised the bar, then WT3 lowers it right back down to where it was, and possibly a notch or two lower."[4] The movie has been noted for its terrible surprise ending, "They should have just ended with the police showing up. The ending after punches a major hole in continuity"

Home media releaseEdit

The film was released direct-to-video on DVD and Blu-ray October 20, 2009.[5] In its first week of release, the film grossed over $1,800,000; and has earned over $5,000,000 to date.


Director Declan O'Brien began shooting Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings in February 2011 in Winnipeg.[6] The majority of the movie was filmed at the abandoned Brandon Mental Health Centre in Manitoba. Shooting began February 2011 in Winnipeg.[7][8] The fourth film serves as a prequel to the previous three. It was released straight to DVD/Blu-ray Disc on October 25, 2011.[9]


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