Here is my idea of Wrong Turn 7: Detour.

Wrong Turn 7: Detour

Written/Directed by: Scylar McGuire

Released: 10/31/15

Runtime: 99 minutes. (1 hr 39 min)

Imdb rate: 5.4

The longest Wrong Turn movie in the series.

Also the last movie in the series.

Features only Three Finger. (NO Danny, Sally, Saw Tooth or One Eye)


Matthew Gray Gubler as Mark Reid.

Sarah Fisher as Brielle Adams.

Lauren London as Justice LaRock.

Mila Kunis as Brooke Edwards.

Chad Michael Murray as Nathan Edwards.

Zac Efron as Dylan Strauss.

Dylan O’ Brien as Trevor Strauss.

Sophia Bush as Penelope Adams.

Tyler Blackburn as Brian Scott.

Dylan & Trevor are brothers.

Brielle & Penelope are sisters.

Actress Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray both starred in the show “One Tree Hill”.

For the first hour & 15 minutes there was only one cannibal until the last 15 minutes there is another one introduced.

Soundtrack: The Hanging Tree (Hunger Games)

Order they die in;

1) Dylan Strauss

2) Nathan Edwards

3) Justice LaRock

4) Sophia Bush

5) Mark Reid

6) Trevor Strauss

7)Justice Larock


1) Brielle Adams

2) Brian Scott

(The film is a sequel to the first 5 movies, not the 6th movie)

Movie Summary: Seven friends are going to the “Cannon Road Cross”, it’s a long, thin bridge connecting on rock climb to the next, as they are crossing they are bound to die as Three Finger notices them one by one, but where will the victims go if there all they can do is climb and climb and climb to maybe get to a road because remember out here in these woods; NO ONE CAN HEAR YOU SCREAM.