The fourth movie in the "Joy Ride" Franchise. I had this idea after watching part 3, I had an idea for Wrong Turn 7: Detour also.

Joy Ride 4: End of the Road 1 hr 25 min. (85 minutes) Cast & Crew: Chris Evans as Robbie Hale, Jordana Brewster as Sarah Sharpe, Jordan Todosey as Jill Evans, Texas Battle as Trey Black, Taylor Momsen as Spencer Sawyer, William LaRock as Rusty Nail, OPENING SCENE CAST: Eliza Dushku as Jay Harper And Rusty Nail.

ORDER THEY DIE IN: 1) Jay Harper 2) Trey Black 3) Jill Evans 4) Sarah Sharpe 5) Rusty Nail

SURVIVORS: 1) Robbie Hale 2) Spencer Sawyer

Written/Directed by: Scylar McGuire

Description: Three Friends, Robbie, Sarah, and Trey are on there way to a Black Veil Brides concert and notice two hitch hikers there way there, Jill and Spencer which thy pick up. They are going to drop them off on there way to the concert, They try to hotwire the truck and trucker comes by and gets the car started for them. Now that he did them a favor he wants one in return. He keeps messing with them on the radio station and is after Spencer and Jill. They stop the car and ask the three people behind them for help, Rusty Nail runs Robbie's car off the road and makes them stranded with only one car that barely fits anyone as the night continues and the night get darker Rusty Nail captures and kills them off one by one.