Season 5: 12 episodes

5.1 - 04/14/16 48 Hrs IMDB: 7.9

In the 2 hour Season Premiere, Jenna is still breathing 30 hours after the procedure. After surviving for so long, Glades talks Sean into going home to get rest. (Sean doesn’t confront Glades about her getting arrested until halfway in the episode) Sean returns home, and realizes that Mary isn’t their like his lawyer said she was suppose to be, so Sean goes to Mary’s and notices that nothing has been touched, and he starts to worry because it’s like she never was dropped off. (Throughout the season Sean’s lawyer, Byron Sovie is blamed for Mary's death because he was the one who dropped her off) Sean calls his lawyer Byron, but he swears that Mary was dropped off. Midway through the episode after Sean talks to Byron, the episodes skips to 4 weeks later. After 4 weeks, Jenna finally returns home today and Sean couldn’t be more excited. Mary is now under the “Missing Person Files” and her disappearance is becoming a case. Jenna and Caleb are confronted by Sean about if they wanna do an open casket funeral, and store the casket with her belongings. At first, Jenna refuses and Caleb is speechless by it. Jenna is also refusing to go to school because of everything going on with her mom. Claire decides to move in with Sean and the kids, so they can have an aunt-mother relationship with her and the kids don’t like the new adjust. (Claire replaces Mary, she even replaces her mother-like role in the show, and they are sisters) Throughout the later half of the episode, Sean is talking to his counselor and talks about the first 48 hours that Mary was missing, before it could even be considered a missing case) Glades doesn’t go to school anymore, and Sean start to think that’s why Jenna isn't either. Since Mary’s death, Jenna has been majorly depressed and never leaves her room, straining her relationship with Glades. At the end of the episode, Claire sneaks camera’s around the house while everyone is sleeping because she thinks that Mary’s disappearance is because of Sean, so she wants to catch him. (Claire is pretending to like Sean) The 50th episode of the series.

5.2 - 04/21/16 Fraud IMDB: 8.6

Sean get's a call from the police, and they tell him that they think they found Mary’s body. Sean is scared to tell the kids that Mary's body might've been found and the kids even start realizing Sean’s weird behavior since he got the call. When Sean drops Caleb and Jenna off at school, Sean goes to the morgue to find out if it's Mary or not. Midway into 6th period, Jenna and everyone else have an evacuation drill to the high school dome, because there has been a bomb threat. (Someone wrote on a sticky note in the bathroom saying they are going to bomb the school during 7th period) Everyone in the building is rushed to the dome, and Caleb gets locked in the school while everyone else is in the dome and Caleb is found by the police, and they question him. Byron Sovie shows up at the morgue with Sean to give him moral support, and when the doctor uncovers the body it is revealed that it is … not Mary! Now that it's been confirmed not to be Mary, the police decide to start looking in the woods for a possible body and Claire hears about it on the news and suddenly becomes angry because she “knows” who did it. (She thinks Sean killed Mary, but it was really Glades) Glades starts to panic because of all the commotion being caused about Mary’s disappearance so she takes all of Jenna’s anxiety pills. Jenna and the rest of the students are able to leave after hours of thinking they are going to be bombed. When Jenna and Caleb return home, Jenna realizes that her pills are missing. Caleb also asks Sean if he can switch schools, because the faculty think he was the one with the bomb threat. At the end of the episode, Byron Sovie is arrested and is being charged for the disappearance of Mary Bennett-Summers.

5.3 - 04/28/16 Alibi IMDB: 8.2

The episode begins where the last one ends, and Byron is being questioned by the FBI. Jenna goes to the pharmacy to have her pills refilled, but when she gets there she finds out that she's out of refills. Jenna tries making the man give her another refill, and she gets arrested. (Jenna started attacking the pharmacist because he wouldn't refill her prescription so she attacked him, and he called the police on her) Glades decides she has to step up her me, and she needs to get completely rid of all the evidence: including any heroin. Jenna calls Glades to bail her out, but Glades doesn't want to go anywhere near the police. Caleb finds out that Sean is transferring him to the school he had worked at, with Lisa. Caleb has his first day, and he runs into Hannah’s cousin and he finds out that Hannah should be coming back soon. Sean goes to the police station, and attempts to go after Sean who is being accused of Mary’s disappearance. Claire notices that someone covered every camera, and she thinks that Sean is coming onto her. (It was Jenna who found the cameras, and covered them. She covered them because she thought Glades was spying on them) At the end of the episode, Byron is released after his alibi checked out, and it was Glades who said she knew where Byron was. (Glades bailed him out because she plans on killing him because her real identity is in the fate of his hands)

5.4 - 05/05/16 Stay Alive IMDB: 9.1

Everyone in town is rattled about the latest disappearance, Byron! Last night, Byron went missing. (No one knows if Byron’s dead or not, but we do know that Mary is the reason why he's missing) Everyone in town now has a curfew, and the kids are let out of school early when someone calls the police station about Byron’s whereabouts. A body is found in the river, and it later becomes Byron’s body. Now that their has been a body, school is cancelled until further notice and people are expected to stay indoors. Glades and the whole gang, including Claire are at home when an unexpected visitor comes back for Caleb, Hannah! Hannah decides to stay for dinner, and the town is expecting a rainstorm. Eventually in the night, they lose power and Hannah goes missing. The gang are struggling trying to get the generator to work when the basement gets flooded and Sean gets isolated and can't move without getting electrocuted. Caleb and Jenna struggle to get their dad to the other side of the basement without having me being choked to death. Meanwhile, Glades catches Hannah spying and searching the upstairs when everyone thought she was missing. (Claire payed Hannah $500 to visit Caleb and to find a way to reveal Sean for ‘killing’ Mary) Glades catches Hannah, and reveals what she caught her doing to everyone and Caleb feels betrayed and Claire gets angry at Hannah for getting caught. Sean gets electrocuted, and he is unconscious and Jenna has to give him CPR until he is responsive. (Now Mary AND Byron have been murdered) The episode’s alternate title is “The Storm” but the episode was later changed to “Stay Alive”.

5.5 - 05/12/16 Confront IMDB: 9.0

The next morning after the storm, the whole downstairs of the house is flooded. When Jenna realizes that she hid drugs away from Glades in the basement, she becomes worried if her heroin was ruined. Right when Sean calls 911 about the flood and getting electrocuted, Sean finds over 5 small brown bags and inside each of them was heroin and money. Sean starts to freak out, and he thinks it's from Mary and Claire gets mad at Sean for blaming it on Mary. Jenna and Glades start to think that they've been caught, and Jenna apologizes for the drugs. (Jenna didn't know that Sean thought it was Mary's drugs so Jenna apologizes and admits to it being hers) After finding out the truth, Sean goes to his bedroom and stays in there for days and just cries) Over the course of the next few days, Alex and Glades hangout and Alex tells Glades that she was questioned by the police. Because of this, Glades starts to panic because she thinks that the police are onto her. With Byron now dead, the police set a reward of $10,000 for the BODY of Mary. When Glades finds out the reward had gone so high, she starts to think if she should say she found the body so she can get the money. Caleb asks Hannah on why she was looking through his house, and Hannah finally comes clean: Claire had paid her to do it. Caleb decides to sneak around and spy on Claire instead of confronting her. At the end of the episode, the town sheriff gets an anonymous call stating where Mary’s body is. (The episode ends with the sheriff running out to a police car in a rush, to go to the scene of where Mary’s supposedly is)

5.6 - 05/19/16 The Call IMDB: 9.3

The episode starts off with over 10 police cars in a desert, digging from where the person said the body was. When the police notice that there's no body, that it was a prank call, they begin to start trying to track where the call was made, but they can't track it. When the city gets ahold of the latest news that Mary's body as found, the sheriff goes on TV stating that Mary is still missing. Sean rushes into the desert completely drunk when he heard about Mary on the news, and he is put into police custody for attempting suicide by crashing his vehicle. Sean is put into a hospital room with supervision for his suicide attempt, he also finds out that he won't be be able to go home until he goes to a rehab, and the kids are put under Claire's supervision. Jenna and Caleb get an invitation to the funeral of Byron Sovie. Glades was also invited but ditches so she can go with Alex on a business trip. Glades and Alex tell Jenna that she is kicked out of business for hiding drugs without them knowing. Jenna visits Sean, and they finally talk since Sean found out about Jenna's stash of heroin. Caleb starts spying on Claire, and he finds out that she knows where Mary's body is. (Caleb finds out that it's official that Mary is dead, because he still had hope she was just missing) Claire was talking with her mother, about how she knows where Mary is. (Claire THINKS her body is in the house, but she doesn't actually know if it is. Claire and her mother teamed up together to bring down Sean. Although her voice is heard, the mother of Claire and Mary does not appear physically) When Caleb hears Claire on the phone, he calls Hannah immediately, but she doesn't pick up. (Hannah DOES NOT appear this episode) The episode ends with Claire sneaking into Sean's room, putting the phone used to call the police under his pillow. You also find out that Claire was the one who called the police.

5.7 - 08/11/16 Hell’s Over IMDB: 9.5

A month later, Sean has just been released from rehab so he can attend his daughter's graduation. Jenna attends her last day in high school ever, and her and Alex reconcile. Alex and Jenna have an emotional goodbye to their favorite teacher. When Sean gets released, he is brought to the police station about the phone that was under his pillow at the hospital. Midway into the episode, Claire catches Caleb spying on her behind her back, and they have a confrontation. Caleb admits to Claire about what he knows, and how he plans on revealing who she really is, the women who killed his mother. Sean and Glades awkwardly have lunch together, and Sean brings up heroin to Glades and he's starting to believe that Jenna is covering up for Glades. Glades and Sean then go to Jenna's graduation ceremony, and forget to bring Caleb and Claire. Claire tells Caleb about everything, even how she thinks Sean is responsible. Claire persuades Caleb to agreeing to work with her and bring down the real killer of Mary. Caleb and Claire are officially spying on Sean to uncover the truth. Throughout the episode, Jenna and Alex are preparing to graduate and Caleb has been spending the day with Claire while Sean is with Glades. When Sean and Glades return home real quick before going to the graduation and Sean finds Caleb running out of the door with him holding his pockets, and Sean makes him show him what he has, and Caleb pulls out a phone that looked just like the one under his pillow, and now the police are missing the phone again. (Sean now thinks that Caleb called, and he knows where Mary's body really is) At the end of the episode, Jenna walks across the stage with no one there to watch her graduate except for the undercover FBI Agents that are watching her. (Jenna starts to panic when she figures out people are watching her) Throughout the episode, Jenna is upset because her mom can’t watch her graduate. This was a “summer special” episode, it was a one night TV special, the show wouldn't air the rest of Season 5B until months after. This was the most watched episode of Season 5.

5.8 - 11/17/16 Partners IMDB: 8.7

Sean has been out of state because he went to Louisiana to visit his parents. (Although credited, Sean does not appear in this episode) While Sean is out of town, Claire and Caleb start to dig downstairs in the basement to find Mary. Claire and Caleb end up spending all day downstairs digging, and Glades thinks she has the house to herself so she decides to ‘invite’ a few friends for a party. Because they didn’t want Glades to figure out what they were doing, Claire and Caleb lock themselves in the basement to stay hidden from everyone and they encounter a problem with a mouse they find, and together they try to kill it. (Claire and Caleb are in the basement throughout the whole episode, when they encounter the mouse it was more comedic. The show tried adding a little bit of comedy in this episode) Glades little party ends up getting out of hand and most of the town ends up going. Jenna and Alex show up at the party together, and Glades gets mad at them for hanging out and doing business together without her. Glades doesn't let Jenna or Alex go in, so Jenna gets kicked out of her own house. Because they aren’t welcome at the party, they decide to go on a business trip together and they end up going with the wrong person and instead of selling the heroin they have, they shoot it up. (This is the first time the girls have ever shot up with a needle) When thy get all hooked on meth, they decide to crash Glades party, and it turns out ugly. Glades goes up in her room to make sure the drugs are still where she put them, but she realizes that someone has taken the drugs, and Glades is freaking out. (Jenna and Alex took the heroin on the business trip, the episode doesn’t show who took the heroin, so as of right now it’s a mystery on who took it) Glades starts looking around the party for the heroin, and starts watching everyone at the party to make sure they didn’t take it. At the end of the episode, a mysterious figure in an all black suit breaks down the basement door and starts looking for something that's suppose to be in the basement. (Claire and Caleb hid under the basement stairs so the mystery person wouldn’t notice them, and they are terrified for life because they think they are seeing the person responsible for Mary) We never see who the person in black is but we see their figure and how they look in clothing but we never see their face. (Claire and Caleb are still convinced Sean killed Mary, even though it was really Glades)

5.9 - 11/24/16 Missing Files IMDB: 9.3

The episode begins with Sean back in town and in the school office, where Lisa asks to have a meeting with him. Lisa and Sean have a private discussion about the superintendent. Lisa finds out that the superintendent is ripping them off, and is taking there money. (Every time that Lisa and Sean couldn’t be at work, the superintendent would still say they worked them hours and pocket the money) Lisa says she’s bringing the evidence to the police, and she wants Sean’s help to bring him down. (The first and only appearance of Lisa in Season 5) Lisa had another problem in Season 4 about the superintendent and him having an affair with another worker. Claire and Caleb both try to figure out who the person was in the basement, so they decide to rewatch the party with the hidden cameras. They soon realize that the person blocked every camera so they have no leads, and Claire becomes even more worried because then that means she’s being followed because there's no other way someone could have known about the cameras. Glades starts to realize the weird behavior going on between Claire and Caleb, and she confronts Caleb about it but he denies it. Sean still hasn’t returned home since he went to rehab, and Jenna tries convincing him to go home while they are on there way to a college orientation that Jenna is attending. Sean and Jenna arrive to the college campus and sees a document of a person’s birth certificate with the name of Sammy Edwards who has been missing since the day her mom went missing. Jenna finds it a little suspicious and she wants to leave the college and Sean is confused why. The college that Jenna planned on going to was the same college Mary went too. Alex and Glades get into an argument together when Alex asks to borrow money but Glades is convinced that Alex took the heroin from the party, and Alex gets mad because she doesn't like being accused. At the end of the episode: Sean finally returns home for the first time in months and everyone has open arms for his return, also Jenna searches Sammy Edwards on google and she can’t find out anything about them. The night that this episode aired, the creator of the show tweeted that the new character introduced in this episode is the TWIN of another character on the show. For the next couple weeks before the Season Finale, the creator would tweet clues to who it would be and the creator stated that the season finale would be based on the twin being revealed.

5.10 - 12/01/16 Bad Credit IMDB: 8.9

Jenna brings up to Glades about Sammy Edwards, and Glades says she knew who the person was and Jenna starts questioning her. Glades gets mad at Jenna for asking so many questions and Jenna can tell that Glades is hiding something. (Glades was acting weird and being shy when Jenna was asking her about Sammy) Sean is back home, and things couldn’t be anymore awkward. Sean and Claire are avoiding each other, and Sean brings up shocking news: he plans on getting his own apartment and Claire can stay at the house with the kids and nobody knows how to respond. Caleb starts to worry because he thinks Sean knows that someone is following him and Claire thinks it's the perfect opportunity to find Mary. Later that night, Jenna and Caleb figure out that Sean is moving into Lisa’s apartment, and Caleb gets furious and pulls a knife on his father because he thinks he killed Mary so he could be with Lisa. (Although highly mentioned, Lisa does not appear in this episode) The next morning, Caleb catches Sean packing to leave and Sean has to go down in the basement real quick and Caleb tries to distract him because it's still a mess down there from when they were digging. Eventually, Sean makes his way to the basement and Caleb notices that it's been picked up by Claire. Glades and Alex meet up in public and Glades is demanding the heroin to be given back to her, and if it isn't Glades will kill Alex. (When Glades threatens Alex she agrees to give the heroin back to her, and Alex becomes afraid of Glades) Alex is starting to believe that Glades might be more dangerous than she thought she was. Alex sneaks into Jenna’s room and tells her about Glades threatening her and she tries to make Jenna tell the truth: that she was the one who took the heroin, and that Alex just went along with it. At the end of the episode, you see Glades walking in a dark alley giving a tall man in an all black outfit money. (The person who Glades gave money to was the same person who was in the basement with Caleb and Claire) As of right now, no one knows why Glades paid the person in all black.

5.11 - 12/08/16 Seeking Justice IMDB: 9.0

The episode begins with Claire calling 911 stating that she thinks she knows where her sister's body is, and she claims it's somewhere in the house. Glades, Jenna, and Caleb are awakened by a loud pounding on the door: and it’s the police. Claire sits down with all three kids and tells them that the police are looking for their mom n the house, and Caleb talks to Claire privately freaking out because they hadn't found the body yet. Claire’s excuse is that this is the only way they could do it because Sean is gone. Claire also tells the detectives who she thinks did it, and she says Sean. Midway throughout the episode, Sean is picked up at Lisa’s by the authorities because he is the #1 suspect of the murders of Mary and Byron. Caleb and Jenn go to the police station, and confront their dad who is behind bars right now about why they hate him, and that they never want to see him again. Throughout the whole entire episode, the Summer’s home is being raided by police and the K-9 unit. The police are having no luck on finding any evidence and Sean is later released. After Sean was released, he returns to work and the new superintendent (the old one was arrested for taking the money) tells Sean that he has to leave and that he’s fire. Sean was fired for everything going on with Mary and Byron and the superintendent said that his company was not right for a high school. Claire catches Glades on the phone with someone, and Glades hangs up immediately and Claire is convinced she's hiding something so she makes her leave, because now she owns the Summer’s house. At the end of the episode: the police leave after a long day of no luck of finding Mary and Glades says goodbye to Jenna and Caleb because she has to leave, Caleb and Jenna get mad at Claire for making Glades leave. The final scene of the episode is Glades walking out the front door and someone in all black watching her.

5.12 - 12/15/16 Revealed IMDB: 9.7

In the unforgettable season finale, Glades is tracked down by the police in an abandoned apartment building and she gets arrested. In the apartment building, Sammy Edwards (whose been ‘missing’ since Mary) is there, and now Glades might be facing charges of kidnapping, she is being arrested now because Mary’s body has just been found after an anonymous call stating that Mary’s body was… buried with Phil in his grave! (After trying to find out where Mary’s body was hidden all season; we finally find out that her body was with Phil’s) When Glades was arrested, Sammy was also put into custody and was rushed to the hospital. (The first physical appearance of Sammy, and we find out that the person was a boy, because many fans thought it was a girl) Sean gets a call stating that Mary’s body has been found and he is no longer the suspect, they think Gades did it and Sean goes into shock when he finds out that it was Glades who killed Mary. Jenna, Caleb, and Claire get a visit from a police officer telling them that Mary has finally been found, almost a year later. After the police officer notices Claire’s shocking reaction to the news they start to believe that more than one person are in fault for Mary’s death, and they think Claire had something to do with it and they start investigating. Throughout the episode, they skip to a week later and Glades is sitting in jail until new evidence proves that she's ‘innocent’ and Alex stops by and bails her out, and now Alex is debt free with Glades. Claire is now arrested, and the police think she called them on purpose about her thinking the body was in the house, to show that she's innocent. Glades and Alex return to the Summer’s house and Glades can return now that Claire is the #1 suspect. When Glades and Alex arrive at the Summer’s, you see Sammy Edwards in the living room with no sign of Jenna or Caleb. When they walk in, Sammy introduces himself to Alex but not Glades. Glades says that she already knew Sammy because she met him when Claire kicked her out and Alex believes her. Sammy is saying that he took Jenna and Caleb away, and that they're gone forever. Eventually, it turns into a battle between the three and Sammy stabs Alex. (After Alex was stabbed, she faints and she is believed to be dead) Sammy gets caught and the police arrest him, and Alex is rushed to the hospital and the police start a hunt looking for Jenna and Caleb because Sammy won't tell where they are. At the end of the episode, the episode skips another couple days and you see Glades in the visiting room at jail with Sammy. When Glades visits Sammy (or her partner), you find out that Sammy Edwards is Sammy Erickson and is Alex’s twin brother. Sammy Erickson was the person in the basement with Claire and Caleb. You also find out that Sammy is taking the blame for both murders even though he only killed Byron. You also find out that Mary’s body was in the attic until Sammy moved her to Phil’s grave and that's why Glades gave him money at the end of Season 5 Episode 10. Originally, Glades put Mary’s body in the attic but paid Sammy to move her body to Phil’s grave because they were getting to close to finding her. You also find out that Sammy has been tormenting the family since the beginning with Glades, and that Glades is only friends with Alex because it's part of Sammy’s plan, and you find out that the people who adopted Glades also adopted Sammy and that's how they know each other. At the end of the episode, Claire is released and sees Glades visiting Sammy, and a few seconds later Glades leaves the jail and notices that someone is breaking into her car (it was Claire because she thinks Glades had something to do with her mother's death) and after the break-in Glades gets a call from the hospital and then the screen goes blank. (The hospital called regards to Alex; and everyone still thinks she's dead but it's revealed in the Season 6 premiere that she survived the stabbing from Sammy) As of right now, only the audience and Glades know about who has a twin, it was revealed in this episode but only to Glades and the audience, so the rest of the characters don't know that Sammy Edwards is really Sammy Erickson. Right now, Jenna and Caleb are still missing and have been for a few days, they aren't found until Season 6.