Season 4: 12 episodes

4.1 - 02/12/15 Absence IMDB: 8.3

It's 4 months later, and the family has already said their goodbye’s to Glades who is now in Greece. Mary and Sean have court today for their divorce and Jenna attempts one more time to have them fix their marriage. Alex now lives with the Summer’s because of her father abusing her. (CPS made Alex move away after her dad had a heart attack while he was beating her, he did not die though) Jenna and Alex are now best friends since Glades is gone. Caleb thinks that Hannah isn't being a good mother, and it's not her fault because she's so young but he wants her to think about letting her parents and his parents adopting him. Hannah no longer has a restraining order against Caleb, because her father finally decided to drop the charge, Joe has dinner with Hannah and the baby. (Joe doesn't know where his daughter has been staying) Jenna goes to the doctor, and gets prescribed anxiety medication so she doesn't have to buy them off the streets anymore. After Glades moved, Jenna tries looking her up but notices that there is nothing about Glades anywhere. Sean has moved into Phil’s old house, and he keeps hallucinating Phil, so he thinks that he needs to move out ASAP. (Phil returns in this episode but as a hallucination) At the end of the episode, Glades returns to the Summer’s house with amazing news: she's moving to the U.S. for good! (Glades only appears in the last 2 minutes of the episode)

4.2 - 02/19/15 Lifestyle IMDB: 8.7

Glades now lives with her parents, who we never actually meet, but she convinces Mary to let Jenna go over. Mary is actually mad that Glades is back because when she was living their, everyones life had been turned upside down. Phil and Mary attend their 2nd court day, and the judge has answered Mary’s wishes because they are now divorced. (As of right now and forward, Sean and Mary are divorced) Sean is mad to find out that he only has the kids on the weekends, and he will even let Glades stay over at his house. Hannah shocks everyone when she decides that she wants to give the baby up to another family instead of giving it to anyone in the family. Jenna and Glades still attend the same school, and they start their last first day of school, and Jenna has a bad first day as a senior. Alex, Jenna and Glades heroin business has been over since she left, that's what Glades thought but she finds out different: they were still doing business together. Out of anger, Glades lies about her parents hurting her so she can move into Sean’s and make Jenna jealous. At the end of the episode, Alex is visited by someone is her past: her biological mother who ran away on her family when Alex was 14. (Alex hasn't seen her mother in 3 years until now)

4.3 - 02/26/15 Problem Child IMDB: 9.4

Glades sets Jenna’s old treehouse at their house on fire while everyone is in school and Mary’s gone. (Glades barely goes to school anymore) Little did Glades know that Jenna and Alex’s heroin was stored up in the tree house instead of the shack in their backwoods, so Glades wasted a ton of money. The treehouse spirals down the tree and reaches the grass and starts a even bigger fire. Glades flees the scene and somebody notices the fire and calls the police. Firefighters and police come to the scene, and they find out that heroin was somehow in the fire. Because their was heroin in the fire, and Jenna and Caleb are underage the police pick up Mary and she's arrested. Mary has to stay the night in a jail cell, and is facing a 2nd Degree Felony. Mary has no one else to bail her out other than Claire, and Claire decides to bail her out. When Sean finds out about Mary, he calls his lawyer so he can win custody of his kids because Mary is being accused of possession of heroin and Mary’s worried because Sean has a pretty good case. When Jenna is told by one of her friends that her house is all over the news, she goes to Sean’s immediately and freaks out on Glades. When Glades finds out that Jenna and Caleb are going to have to move in, she gets mad because that's not what she wanted. Alex and Jenna decide to come up with a way to take revenge on Glades for what she did. At the end of the episode, Sean’s lawyer calls for another court date because Mary is now unsuitable to be a mother. (Although credited, Caleb does not appear in this episode)

4.4 - 03/05/15 Ridicule IMDB: 8.1

Jenna, Alex, and Glades all get stuck in the locker room at school when the school goes under lockdown because of an intruder. The episode starts in the locker room and ends in the locker room. Over the course of the episode, Jenna and Alex find out that Glades did actually set the treehouse on fire and Jenna attacks Glades and Alex tries to stop her. Glades gets mad because Jenna took Alex away from her, Alex and Glades become friends again over the course of the episode because Alex realizes how much Glades misses her. Sean calls Jenna to make sure she is okay. (Sean doesn't appear in this episode, you only hear his voice) Jenna, Alex, and Glades try breaking out of the locker room but someone locked the doors outside because no one knew the girls were in their. The girls hear their names over the announcements because everyone thinks they are missing, and Jenna has a panic attack and she doesn't have her anxiety medication. Jenna and Glades don't know that it's just a panic attack and they start freaking because they think she's dying because Jenna was hyperventilating. (Jenna has a severe case of panic attacks and anxiety) At the end of the episode, Alex and Glades break through the wall behind the showers with an axe that was in the locker room behind glass just in case of an emergency, and the girls are freed. (Sean, Mary, and Caleb are credited in the episode but do not appear in this episode because the show had a small budget so they did an episode where their were less people were featured in it to save money) The whole entire episode takes place in the locker room, and only features Glades, Jenna, and Alex. As of now, Glades and Jenna are the only people to appear in every episode.

4.5 - 03/12/15 Screwed IMDB: 8.4

Mary is having financial problems and out of desperation, she asks to borrow money from Sean so she can have a paid attorney so she can beat going to prison: and if he pays for her attorney she will hand over the kids to him. Claire decides to go investigate the burned down treehouse, and notices that some of the heroin wasn't ruined but it has been taken. Claire makes Mary drug test the kids, but Mary’s afraid that if it's Jenna she will get sent away for a long time because she's already been in trouble before. Hannah stops staying at Mary’s house with Caleb after the fire because she doesn't want the baby around that environment, but now the only place Hannah can go is Sean’s. (Alex and Hannah were staying at Mary’s house) Glades and Alex sell the heroin that they thought survived the fire, but the fumes of the fire made the heroin 10x more deadly, and the person they sold it to overdosed. After hearing that the heroin is bad, Alex and Glades are screwed because that was the little bit of heroin they had left but Jenna talks Glades into selling the heroin anyways, and Glades agrees. (Eventually the FBI catch on about people selling contaminated heroin, and they will later on try to hunt down who's doing it) At the end of the episode, Sean pays for Mary’s attorney and Jenna and Caleb have to move into their dads. (Jenna and Caleb were mad about living with Sean, and so was Glades)

4.6 - 03/19/15 Lunacy IMDB: 8.9

Mary’s court date has came, and she realizes that her attorney is the same one as Sean's and she's afraid he won't really defend her case, and so basically Mary gave the kids to Sean for no reason. The FBI have noticed that 4 people have died from contaminated heroin, and it's officially became a case. The FBI think that Mary would have had something to do with it. Somehow Jenna gets involved with the troubles that Glades and Alex caused, and they are panicking about what they are going to do so they don't get caught. Glades and Alex decide to take some of Jenna’s medicine to help them calm down, and Jenna doesn't have anymore refills until next month so when they're out, they're out. The episode consists of a few days and so does court for Mary, Hannah is staying with Caleb at Sean's until Joe finds Hannah and where she's been staying and she's made to go back home. Alex is re-visited from her mother who wants something to do with her and is worried about her safety because of everything going on at Mary’s house. Claire attacks Sean for being grimy about getting the kids and she get's arrested for violence in the courtroom and spends 24 hours in a jail cell. At the end of the episode, the judge grants Sean's full custody and Mary is sentenced to 6 months in county jail.

4.7 - 09/24/15 The Jitters IMDB: 8.5

Mary encounters a problem with Roxie, a dyke who is Mary’s cell mate and her lover. (Roxie is obsessed with Mary and Mary is about to defend herself by fighting her) Mary is also being harassed by one of the bodyguards who is a creep. Alex is stuck on what to do with her mother, who's she been noticing that has been following her around. Alex finds out that her mother has been in town since she left and she knows everything that Alex has been up too, and Alex feels embarrassed because her mother knows of her heroin habits. Caleb and Hannah are away at a school trip, and will be gone for 2 weeks. (Although credited, Caleb does not appear in this episode because he is away at a school trip) Claire pays her niece and nephew a visit at Sean’s and she's trying to find out anything suspicious about Sean so Mary can get the kids bad when she get's out. When Sean realizes that Claire is snooping around the house; he attacks her and he accidentally get's out of hand and starts throwing hands. After being assaulted, Claire visits Mary and tries to find out how to get ahold of her lawyer to show that Sean is unsuitable to be around the children because he is violent. At the end of the episode, and FBI Agent goes to Sean’s to ask Jenna and Glades some questions. (The FBI thinks that Mary has a partner that's selling the heroin, and they wonder if they girls know anything about it) When in all reality, Mary and Jenna are the ones selling the heroin.

4.8 - 10/01/15 Tricks IMDB: 8.6

Glades has to find a plan to stop the FBI from seeing her as a suspect: and to do so, she sets Mary up and puts her heroin stash in Mary’s belongings because she's already incarnated, and Mary’s lawyer is trying to make it to where Mary only does 2 months and then she can be eligible for parole. Jenna finds out about Glades hiding the stash in her mother's belongings and freaks out. Jenna attempts to take the heroin somewhere else, but she notices that it's gone already and she thinks that Glades took it. But it was Alex who took it, and she plans on selling all of it but the FBI catch Alex alone down an alley and decide to follow her. Now with new evidence, the FBI think it might be the three girls instead of Mary. Caleb and Hannah encounter a problem on the school trip, they get lost from the rest of the kids. Mary asks for a new cell mate, and when Roxie finds out that Mary is trying to get away from her she puts a knife to her. Sean tries contacting Claire, who is missing since he attacked her. Glades ‘accidentally’ crashes Sean’s brand new car into the garage, and Sean is furious. Glades and Jenna are now fighting over the Mary situation, and Alex is staying away from the other girls because they don't know she took the heroin out of Mary’s stuff and the FBI are following her so she decides to stay away from them. Glades and Jenna are confused why Alex is staying away. At the end of the episode, Mary calls Sean from jail and begs him to talk his lawyer about getting her a shorter sentence because she feels that her life is in danger because of Roxie, and Sean feels obligated to do it.

4.9 - 10/08/15 Family Ties IMDB: 9.0

Sean is pushing for a family night, and he is making Glades bring her parents over for dinner so Sean can properly meet them. Glades catches on that Alex is avoiding them, and Glades is starting to take it seriously. When Alex feels that the FBI are following her, she starts to freak out and ask Glades for help and Glades needs her help too. Glades has Alex try to come up with a way to get her out of dinner with Sean, like a big emergency. As dinner time approaches, Alex shows up at the door very upset about her dad getting hurt and Glades get's out of dinner. The FBI are sending undercover agents to follow the girls, and when the girls leave the FBI show up at Sean’s door and question him. After the FBI leave, Sean starts to believe that Jenna and Glades are the ones selling heroin so he calls his lawyer to try to get an appeal to shorten Mary’s sentence because he believes she's innocent. Caleb returns home and he realizes that everything at his home has changed and all he wants to do is go back to the way it was. He asks Sean to move into the old house while Mary is in jail, but Sean refuses to do it. Sean questions Caleb on what he knows/thinks about Jenna and Glades and if they're doing drugs. Glades visits Mary, and Mary sees it as more of a slap in the face because Mary doesn't like her. Glades told her about Claire missing, and now Mary is freaking out. At the end of the episode, Mary get's into a fight with Barb (The Leader of the Blacks) and Mary get's a knife pulled on her.

4.10 - 10/15/15 Beef IMDB: 8.7

Mary is put into a difficult situation with another inmate Barb, who put a knife to her face. Mary also is having a problem with Roxie, and she finally tells an officer about everything that is going on because she doesn't feel safe. Barb and Roxie go to Mary’s cell in a group, and give her deadly threats. Alex has been hanging out with Brock (Jenna thinks he's an undercover FBI agent) and Jenna finds the man suspicious, so she tries to make sure that Alex won't be selling him any drugs. Hannah goes to the Summer’s house to tell Caleb something: she is moving away and the baby is coming with her because her father won't let the baby stay. Caleb gets very upset, and Sean tries to find out what he can about the situation so the baby can stay. Sean also gets a visit from an old ‘friend’ Lisa, who is visiting Sean because she's being sexually assaulted by another worker in the office, and she needs Sean to help her fire him because the principal doesn't believe her. (Sean is the assistant principal and he decides that he's going to look into it for Lisa, even though she ended his marriage with Mary, they both had time off from working at the school but now they work there again) Glades notices that Lisa came over, so she tells Mary to get them two fighting again. Mary freaks out on Sean for having Lisa over, and now Sean doesn't know if he wants her to have a shorter sentence because of the way she's acting about Lisa. Jenna and Alex encounter a problem with Brock when he asks for drugs and the girl's refuse. (You find out that the guy ISN’T an undercover FBI agent and he wants the drugs now) At the end of the episode, Jenna gets stabbed by Brock because the girls refused to sell drugs to him because they thought he was an undercover FBI agent.

4.11 - 10/22/15 Vulnerable IMDB: 9.7

Hannah has left Caleb heartbroken, as she has left town and moved away. (Although heavily mentioned, Hannah does not appear in this episode) Sean gets into an argument with the principal about Lisa’s complaints, and almost loses his job. Alex is screwed about getting help for Jenna, because she has no phone and they're in an alley with nobody around. Jenna was stabbed in the lower stomach, so Alex thinks her injury might not be as bad. Glades has to go on a business trip to Connecticut, and she get's pulled over with other people in the car while marijuana and heroin are in the back seat. Glades and the other people in her vehicle are forced to step out the car, and Glades is worried nervously about getting caught with the drugs on her. The police notice the behavior of one of the guys with them, so the police get a search warrant and bring down the K-9 unit. Glades, and everyone she was with get arrested for possession of 6 grams of marijuana and 3 ounces of heroin. Glades is at the jail and can't get a hold of anyone but Caleb, so she has Caleb take some money out of her room to bail her out. Caleb has one of his older friends bring him to Connecticut to bail Glades out, and the driver is paid money for it. Caleb gets Glades out of jail, and they return home. While Caleb and Glades were walking through the front door they notice someone standing in the living room, Claire who has finally returned home after being missing for months. Later, Jenna and Alex are noticed by someone and they are finally found. At the end of the episode, Sean gets a call saying that his daugher has been in an accident, and Alex and Glades go to the hospital with Jenna almost dead, and Mary gets a visit from the lawyer to tell Mary some good news: she can return home!

4.12 - 10/29/15 Good Girl IMDB: 9.6

Mary is dropped off at Sean's by her lawyer, and when she returns home; the only one home is Glades. Sean arrives at the hospital, and he is an emotional wreck about Jenna getting stabbed. Brock has also been put into custody, and Sean notices him and attacks him. Claire is also at the hospital with Caleb, who is upset over Hannah moving away. Sean freaks out on Alex, and blames her for his daughter getting hurt. (Mary and Glades are the only ones not at the hospital) Sean also has a conversation with another cop, and Sean finds out about Glades getting arrested. Mary hears about Glades getting arrested while watching the news so she walks upstairs to confront Glades about it. While Mary walks into the bedroom, she sees bags of marijuana and heroin being stuffed in Glades backpack. Mary now speechless, runs downstairs to call 911 but Glades stops her and pushes her down the stairs. Mary breaks her leg after being pushed, and she screams. Mary notices that Glades is enjoying the screaming, and Mary gets spooked because she starts to think that Glades is psychotic. Glades who is angry, confronts Mary about something… Mary is Glades real mother! Throughout the episode, you find out that Glades was once Elizabeth and Mary’s first child with Sean. Also, that she is 20 years old and she was never an exchange student. Also, that everything that has happened since she came into the picture, has been her fault and that Glades has been seeking revenge from her family that gave her up. When Mary attempts escaping after finding out the truth of Glades, Glades starts attacking her and she shoots Mary out of anger! After shooting Mary to her death, Glades is freaking out and stuck on what she should do about her body. (Glades killed Mary out of anger, and Mary is no longer a part of the series) At the end of the episode, Glades hides Mary’s body, but no one knows where her body is hidden. (Glades hides Mary’s body off-screen because the new mystery for Season 5 is…. Where’s Mary’s body?) Also, Jenna is out of surgery and the surgeon tells Sean that their is a 60% chance that Jenna won't survive for another 24 hours and Glades goes to the hospital when Alex calls her and tells her about Jenna being stabbed, and nobody knows about Mary being dead yet except for her killer, Glades. While Glades was attacking and killing Mary, she was hooked on heroin. (The final appearance of Markie Post, who portrayed Mary Bennett-Summers)