Main Character.

Sheriff Angela Cater is a main character appearing in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines. She is played by Camilla Arfwedson.  She is a sheriff and is the main character. She is very strict. She works with Biggs and Mike. She tries to call Mike when she needs him but Mike is having sex with a teenager. She despises Maynard and tells him a lot of times to shut up. She is married to Jason. She is seen mostly in her office or in her truck in the movie. She is a strong and forceful woman and gets very impatient when it comes to Manyard. She just wants justice. She said that a lot because she heard Manyard say that he and his mutant boys are going to kill her and he is going to enjoy it.


She had a choice to either die by stepping her foot down to have a gun blow her head to bits, or to burn to death. She chose the gun. She is the 10th and last person to die.