Scott Korbee is a character in Wrong Turn. He is portrayed by Jeremy Sisto.

Scott Korbee
Character Information





Hair Color:


Eye Color:

Light brown

Marital Status:

Engaged to Carly Numan


College student


Carly Numan (engaged)


Jessie Burlingame
Evan Ross
Francine Childes
Chris Flynn


Three Finger
Saw Tooth
One Eye
Series Information


Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn

Last appearance:

Wrong Turn

Portrayed By:

Jeremy Sisto


Scott is one of the passengers who were trapped in the middle of the woods with his girlfriend Carly Numan and her friends Jessie Burlingame, Evan Ross and Francine Childes. Scott is the most calm and relaxed of the group and he tries to think the positive of the things.

He calmed Evan and Francine when Chris Flynn crashed accidentally his car with their car. He decided to go with Chris, Jessie and Carly to find help for them. When they found an old cabin, they decided to check it out. They found a lot of blood and many human body parts kept in containers. Scott and the rest got scared and they tried to escape from there, but the cannibals arrived there, and they had to hide from them.

Scott and Carly decided to hide in a room and they saw through a small hole in the door how the cannibals dismembered Francine with a saw.

Scott. Carly, Chris and Jessie escaped the cabin and ran up a hill. while the cannibals followed after them in their truck. The group run through the forest and find a clearing. They find millions of cars that belonged to the people the cannibals killed over the years. The cannibals shows up on the other side and everyone hides behind a car. Chris tries to distract the cannibals so the others can get their truck, but he gets shot in the leg. Scott kisses Carly and runs away, shouting at the cannibals and they go after him, while Carly and Jessie help Chris, then get to the truck.



Scott ran away into the forest to lure the cannibals away, so the others can get their truck. Jessie, Chris and Carly drive away and try to look for him. They finally find him, before Scott can make it, Saw Tooth shoots him in the back with three arrows, killing him. Jessie, Chris and Carly leave after Saw Tooth almost shoots them. The cannibals then drag Scott's body away. He was the fifth person to die.