Saw Tooth is the oldest one of the 3 brothers. He is killed due to an explosion.

Personality and abilities Edit

He seems to become enraged very easily and is the strongest and biggest of the brothers because he can easily jab a needle through someones face and knock out someone in one punch. He didn't even grunt.

He is somewhat more scared than Three Finger because when Kyle attacks One Eye, Saw Tooth and Three finger the other 2 brothers run away and Three Finger tries to fight but is then overpowered by the rest of the survivors chasing him with knifes.

Trivia Edit

He has a scar just over his right eye and it dosen't look like a mutation.

In Wrong Turn 4,5 and 6 he dosen't look like anything from the first movie because in the rest his head is more square and dosen't look so angry. Same applies for Three Finger.

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