Nick Jacobs



Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Marital Status:

Dating Daria
Series Information


Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Last appearance:

Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Portrayed By:

Luke Cousins

Nick Jacobs is a character from "Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort". He is played by Luke Cousins.


Daria Willows and Nick ride their bikes deep in Hobb Springs Bike Trail. They find a small watering hole and bath in it as they began to have sex. Afterward, they ride their bikes until Nick falls off his bike and discovers that an unknown person attacked him with an bow and arrow. Three Finger kills Nick with an arrow through the face, and Daria attempts to flee, only to ride into a strip of barbed wire set by One Eye and Saw-Tooth. She screams as they then kill her before Three Fingers decapitates her with his knife. She dies without her head and falls to the ground next to Nick.

He was the first person to die in Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort.

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