Matt "Jonesy" Jones is a character in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. He is portrayed by Steve Braun.

Matt "Jonesy" Jones
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Reality show contestant


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Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

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Steve Braun


Jonesy is a contestant on the reality show. He is shown to be a skater in his introduction video, however is clumsy. While on set, he first hits on Elena however she rejects him. After the rules of the show have been explained he is paired with Amber to search for food in the forest.

Jonesy repeatedly hits on Amber until she eventually gets fed up with him and reveals she is a lesbian to him. After this, Jonesy decides to become friends with her. Despite the fact that Jonesy is terrible at the task, the pair stumble upon a camp which has a peice of meat rosting over a fire. Convincing Amber that the meat was what they were searching for all along, they take it back to camp for the others to eat.While Jonesy, Amber and Jake eat the meat, Jonesy says that if he wins the prize money he will throw the wildest beach party ever and then he has joke that make Jake And Amber Laugh Soon after, a terrified Nina arrives telling the group of a group of diformed mutants killing members of the show. At first the group do not believe her, however realize the meat they have been eating was in fact Kimberly severed leg, causing Jonesy to throw up.

Nina, Jake, Amber and Jonesy run through the forest and discover a bear trap revealing the mutants have put traps in the forest to capture humans. Upon escaping, they come across two mutants having sex. However, they think Elena is being raped and tackle the mutants, but the girl they they thought was Elena was just a mutant wearing her scalp. A scared Nina runs off. Jake, Amber and Jonesy fight the two mutants. Jonesy is attacked by one who attempts to kill him with an axe, but they all manage to get away. Jake goes to find Nina and wants to meet Amber and Jonesy at the factory. Jonesy goes with Amber. Upon running through the forest, a mutant shoots an arrow at them, narrowly missing. Amber and Jonesy keep running.



Suddenly Jonesy is caught in a rope trap that drags him by his ankle into the air. As he shouts for Amber to leave him, she too is caught in an identical trap when she tries to help him. As the pair hang, Jonesy begins to cry. As Amber comforts him, a Pa and Brother show up. Brother shoots an arrow which goes through both their heads, killing them.