Minnie gloss princess |Age = 22 |Hair Color = Brown |Eye Color = Brown |Marital Status = Single |Occupation(s) = Reality show contestant
Producer |Romances = Michael "M" Epstein (ex boyfriend) |Interests = Her Blackberry phone |Status = Deceased |First appearance = Wrong Turn 2: Dead End |Last appearance = Wrong Turn 2: Dead End |Portrayed By = Aleksa Palladino}} Mara Stone is a character in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. She is portrayed by Aleksa Palladino.


Mara is the reality shows producer. When Kimberly does not turn up to participate as her role of a contestant, Mara's boyfriend, the cameraman Michael, convinces her to be a contestant. After hearing the shows host, Dale Murphy, tell the contestants of the rules, Mara is paired up with Nina.

Mara expresses doubt she will be able to be a contestant to Michael and Dale, who both convince her to attempt it. While searching for food with Nina, Mara tries to get to know her better, but Nina remains distant. Soon after, Mara sets off one of the shows traps, resulting in her having to take part in a challenge. She manages to complete it despite falling into a river, which bonds Mara and Nina.While venturing through the forest, Mara witnesses Michael receiving oral sex from another contestant, Elena. Thinking Michael was 'the one' Mara is devastated but is comforted by Nina.



The pair find a nearby cabin, but are trapped inside as a group of mutants arrive. The girls watch in horror as one gives birth. Shortly after, the mutant Sister, spots them causing them to barricade themselves inside the room. They manage to get out through a trench in the ground just as the mutant breaks in. As Mara and Nina run through the woods, Mara is hit in the head by an axe thrown by one of the mutants, killing her. She was the third person to die.


  • Refutal of the first note: the database clearly states that her surname is Stone
  • Was the third to be killed off, was the second contestant to be killed off.
  • Was the girlfriend of Michael Epstein.
  • Because of her inconnect and sweet person, she was believed to by Final Girl by many fans, until her dead.

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