Hair Color:

Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Last appearance:

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Portrayed By:

Borisa Tutundjieva
Linda is a minor character from Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines. She is played by Borisa Tutundjieva.


At the Mountain Man Festival in Fairlake, West Virginia in 2003, Linda approaches Deputy Mike at a concert and asks him how to get backstage. He says he can show her, but that she needs a pass to get in. She tells him seductively that she will do anything to get a pass. They get into Deputy Mike's jeep and they have sex in the backseat.

Death Edit

Linda reappared in Wrong Turn 5,but not as slutty and hot as she was in the fifth film. After the night in the fifth film,she said she was chased by the cannibals and almost killed when she escaped and ever since,have been following her. In the seventh film,Lindas hair is badly died blonde with still a few patches of black and cut short to her ears and wears a grey jumper and jeans. When Roxanne is almost killed,Linda runs out and sacrifices herself for Roxanne when the cannibals stab her in the neck and screams 'AHH!..CANNIBALS!!!' And falls over dead with her hand above her face. Her body is later found by police.

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