Kimberly Caldwell is a character in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. She is portrayed by the singer and actress of the same name Kimberly Caldwell. She is the only person who plays herself in the series.

Kimberly Caldwell





Hair Color:

Platinum blonde

Eye Color:



Reality show contestant


Kimbo (by Tommy)
Kimster (by Tommy)
Primmadonna (by Micheal)
Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Last appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Portrayed By:

Kimberly Caldwell


Kimberly is the only famous girl who participated in the Apocalypse Game to become more popular. In the beginning, she didn't want to participate, but her manager Tommy convinced her to do it. In the presentation, she showed a tattoo on her leg and she explained that it means "infinite" because she wanted to be remembered forever. The tattoo was a snake shaped like the infinite sign.



Kimberly is driving through the Greenbrier Back Country West Virginia forest. While driving, Kimberly complains to her manager Tommy, who she calls. He tells Kimberly that she is the star of the new reality show, being the only celebrity on it. She comes to a crossroads. Unsure which way to go to get to the shooting area of the show, Kimberly guesses the right road. As she drives deeper into the forest, her cell phone begins to break up and she reaches for it on the seat next to her when she yells "Fuck!". And then, oh no, she accidentally hits someone with her car. Panicking, Kimberly gets out the car and goes over to the person. She realizes he is mutated, but wants to help him regardless. She puts her fingers in her mouth to make sure he does not choke on his tongue, but he suddenly springs to life and tears off her bottom lip with his teeth, causing her to scream in horror. In pain, Kimberly scrambles to her car before another mutant appears in front of her. She realizes what was happening to her bottom lip which is gone and herself bleeding without it when he slices her in half with an axe. She falls to the ground in two to her death, leaving only her intestines and blood when they fall out. The two mutants then drag her body away. She was the first person to die. Her abandoned car is later found in the end of the movie by Nina Pappas and Jake Washington who drive away home to safety, getting out of the woods alive.


Kimberly: (first line) "It's dead out here and I'm hating you about now. What kind of agent are you?"

Radio: "Were gonna rock down to Electric Avenue"

Kimberly: (last line) "Don't worry, I'm gonna get your help, okay? No! No, please! Please! No, don't die! Breathe! Breathe! I'm here. I'm here. I'm here."