Kaleen Webber

Kaleen Webber

Name: Kaleen Webber
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Chocolate Brown

Eye Color: Brown Trap: Lost in the forest

Status: Deceased

Cause of Death: Axed in the stomach

Killer: Three Finger, Maynard

Portrayed By: Emilia Klain

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Kaleen Webber is a character from Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012). She is played by Emilia Klayn.


Kaleen in the town

Kaleen in the town

Kaleen is a news reporter who appeared with her co-workers in a town. She seems to be very angry and she hates the festisval.



Kaleen believed that the cannibals wanted to make her a joke.

When Kaleen was out for a jog in the forest listening to her iPod one day, she took off her earplugs and confronted Three-Finger telling him that she's sick of that and not to scare her when he also came in the forest in front of her begging her not to flip him off. She then believed that the cannibals are not cannibals and it was only a joke and tried to flip him off, but after she stuck out her middle finger at him, he cut her middle finger, punishing her for flipping him off and causing her to scream in horror, when she realized what was happening to her cut off finger she flipped him off. She tried to escape and find Maynard, an old man. Apparently, Maynard tried to help Kaleen and he hid her for the cannibals, but then, Maynard atacked her with an axe in her stomach.
Kaleen death

Maynard hit Kaleen in her stomach with an axe and cut her hands. She died seconds late after lose blood

She tried to stand up, but Maynard cut her hand before she can get up and hold. Then, the cannibals took her body and put it in their cabin where she is then butchered, decapitated and eaten leaving only her head.

As Kaleen never appeared, her co-workers believed that she doesn't want to work with them, so they replace her.

Kaleen wt5

Kaleen being butchered, ready to be eaten by the family later

She is the first person to die in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines                    


  • (confronting Three Finer after taking her iPod ear plugs off) You know what> I'm sick of this! I'm sick you kids partying, making a mess and trying to scare people. But you know what? You don't scare me. (then sticks out her middle finger at him) So fuck you. Go home! (before Three Finger cuts off her middle finger meaning "Well, fuck YOU!")

                                                                              Trivia:                                                                                       Even though her screen time is low she has two outfits. That's more than Lita, Gus, or any of the other characters. She is the first person you ever see Maynard/Old Timer kill someone even though this was his third and final appearance in the series.

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