Jake Washington is a character in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. He is portrayed by Texas Battle.

Jake Washinton
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Reality show contestant
Football player


Nina Pappas
Amber Williams
Matt "Jonesy" Jones
Dale Murphy
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Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

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Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Portrayed By:

Texas Battle


Jake is a contestant on the reality show.. He is seen to have been training to become a professional football player, however has recently injured his shoulder, causing him to give up on his dream. He has gone on the show to earn money.

At first, he tries to be friends with Nina, however, becomes competitive when she rejects him. Jake is paired up with Elena for the task of finding food, and the show's camera man Michael follows them first. As Jake tells Elena of his injury, she tries to seduce him but he rejects her, telling her they should search for food. Arriving at a river, Elena once again tries to seduce Jake, but he rejects her again. Michael tries to convince Jake to become a couple with her as they are the 'sex' of the show. Jake, unhappy with the story line, leaves.He arrives back at camp as Amber and Jonesy come back with a cooked piece of meat. As the three bond, a terrified Nina arrives, telling them of deformed mutants killing contestants. At first they do not believe her, however they soon discover the meat was in fact Kimberly's severed leg.

While trying to escape, they realize traps have been set up in the forest to trap them. They come across two mutants having sex, however mistake this to be Elena being raped. They confront the mutants, who in turn attack them.As Nina runs away, the others stay and fight the mutants off and manage to escape. They split up to try and find the abandoned factory nearby. Jake finds Nina trapped in a pit and helps her out. As the two manage to find the factory, they go inside to find the show's RV inside. He goes inside, and witnesses Michael being decapitated on a computer screen.

He realizes the mutants are in the factory, but is soon knocked out. He awakens in a room where the mutants are cooking the other contestants. As Jake is tied up, one mutant cuts off part of his stomach and eats it. While the mutants eat dinner and abuse Nina, Jake begs to be let go. As Dale arrives, he kills two of the mutants and frees Nina and Jake. Dale is soon killed and Jake is attacked Just as he is about to be pushed into a grinder, Nina arrives and saves him. The two overpower the mutants and instead push them into the grinder. Jake and Nina then leave in Kimberly's car they find in the factory.


  • He is the first and only black character to survive in a Wrong Turn movie.