Dale Murphy
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Reality show host
Ex military man


Amber Williams
Jake Washington
Nina Pappas
Mara Wilson
Michael "M" Epstein


Three Finger
Maynard Odets
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Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Last appearance:

Wrong Turn 2: Dead End

Portrayed By:

Henry Rollins

Dale Murphy is a character in Wrong Turn 2: Dead End. He is portrayed by Henry Rollins.


Former U.S. Marine Colonel Dale Murphy is the reality show host. He is an ex-military man and has stuck to the ways of it ever since. After he explains the rules to the contestants and sets them on their tasks, he comforts Mara who is uneasy filling in as a contestant instead of doing her job as a producer.

As Dale ventures into the woods to set up the shows props, his transport is destroyed with arrows. An axe is then thrown at him by someone, but it misses and hits a tree by him. He throws a knife and gets Three Finger in the arm and dodges more arrows from Pa. As he tries to escape, he is knocked out by Pa. He is awaken hanging upside down on a tree as Three Finger cuts open a crew member on an opposite tree. Soon after, more cannibals turn up in a truck with Mara, who they set down on the ground before leaving. Three Finger then taunts Dale with a knife. Dale manages to injure him and free himself before fighting with him He finally manages to grab a gun and shoot Three Finger. He goes to Mara and realizes she is dead and takes her necklace, before leaving.

Dale comes across a cabin, which within he finds an old man who tells him that the cannibals are inbred's who kill whoever is in the forest. Dale tends to his injury's, before the old man tells him that the cannibals are his family and attacks him. As the two fight, Dale manages to blow him up with a stick of dynamite.



Later, Dale makes his way to the abandoned factory and manages to kill Sister and Brother by blowing them up with dynamite. He sets free Jake and Nina. As they try to escape, Dale is shot in the back with an arrow and is finally killed by having his throat slit open by a metal chain wrapped around his throat by Ma and Pa. He was the eighth and the last person to die.

Trivia Edit

  • His battle cry of "Oo-Rah" is the battle cry of the United States Marine Corps.
  • He came back to rescue the survivors because he's a U.S. Marine, trained to protect defenseless civilians, and to never leave anybody behind. Another reason because he feels responsible for endangering the crew and the kids because he pick the place to shoot the game show and he didn't check to see if the area was safe. He wanted to set things right.
  • Dale Murphy has killed more mutants in this film than any other survivors, eliminating three of the mutant family by himself.