Great, I'm almost running out of weed
Claire Swafford

Claire Swafford is a character in Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings. She is portrayed by Samantha Kendrick.

Claire Swafford
Claire Wrong Turn 4
Character Information





Hair Color:


Eye Color:


Marital Status:

Dating Kyle


College student




Kenia Perrin
Series Information


Smoking weed


Series Information



First appearance:

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Last appearance:

Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings

Portrayed By:

Samantha Kendrick


Claire, Kyle, Lauren and Daniel are waiting in the mountains at a spot where they parked their cars at. Kenia, Vincent, Sara and Bridget finally show up and they all get on their snowmobiles, traveling to Kenia's boyfriend Porter's cabin that is somewhere in the forest.

The group take a wrong turn, which Kyle is too blame for and get lost. There's a bad storm and Claire tells everyone she sees a building. Everyone finds an old abandoned sanatorium and all decide to stay in it.

Inside, everyone looks around and finds a room filled with couches and chairs, where they all relax. Kenia tries to call Porter to check if he is alright, but they find out they can't get any signal. Bridget tells Kenia that Porter is smart guy and wouldn't look for them during a bad storm, but Claire agrees about him being smart. Kenia then tells Claire he is more smarter than Kyle because he got them lost, which Claire says Kyle isn't that smart either and everyone laughs.

Vincent finds the generator and gets the power to work, Everyone explores around the sanatorium and parties. They all are secretly watched by One Eye. The group find a tape and Daniel sets up a movie about deformed patients being tortured. Lauren tells the group a story her brother told her about cannibals in West Virginia, but no one believes her.

Afterwards, everyone gets tired and finds rooms, then go to sleep. Vincent is then killed by Saw Tooth when he decided to look around the place. The next morning, everyone realizes he is gone. Claire talks to Kyle about how she ran out of weed and Kyle tells her smoked it all.

Everyone splits into groups to look for Vincent. Daniel, Lauren, Bridget and Sara find blood and run back to the others. Kenia is worried about Vincent, but Claire tells he is probably sleeping somewhere and Kyle agrees. The others show up and tell them what they found. A scared Jenna then shows up and tries to awrn the about what she saw, but a jacket is thrown off a stage and it slides to them.

Kenia says it looks like Porter's jacket and Kyle tells her that it is. She opens it up and finds Porter's head inside of it. Everyone is shocked and horrified.


Claire Wrong Turn 4 Death

Claire backs away from the group. Above her on a balcony, is Three Finger, Saw Tooth and One Eye. Three Finger throws a noose of barbed wire around her neck. They pull it and it tightens around her neck. The barbed wire begins cutting her neck as she is pulled up and the others turn back, seeing what is happening to her, Kyle tries to save her, but he fails and she eventually gets decapitated.

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