• Scylarmcguiire

    New Season

    May 21, 2017 by Scylarmcguiire

    Hades the final season soon. - 2017

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    Hades - Season 5

    February 9, 2017 by Scylarmcguiire

    Season 5: 12 episodes

    5.1 - 04/14/16 48 Hrs IMDB: 7.9

    In the 2 hour Season Premiere, Jenna is still breathing 30 hours after the procedure. After surviving for so long, Glades talks Sean into going home to get rest. (Sean doesn’t confront Glades about her getting arrested until halfway in the episode) Sean returns home, and realizes that Mary isn’t their like his lawyer said she was suppose to be, so Sean goes to Mary’s and notices that nothing has been touched, and he starts to worry because it’s like she never was dropped off. (Throughout the season Sean’s lawyer, Byron Sovie is blamed for Mary's death because he was the one who dropped her off) Sean calls his lawyer Byron, but he swears that Mary was dropped off. Midway through the episode …

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    Hades - Season 4

    February 9, 2017 by Scylarmcguiire

    Season 4: 12 episodes

    4.1 - 02/12/15 Absence IMDB: 8.3

    It's 4 months later, and the family has already said their goodbye’s to Glades who is now in Greece. Mary and Sean have court today for their divorce and Jenna attempts one more time to have them fix their marriage. Alex now lives with the Summer’s because of her father abusing her. (CPS made Alex move away after her dad had a heart attack while he was beating her, he did not die though) Jenna and Alex are now best friends since Glades is gone. Caleb thinks that Hannah isn't being a good mother, and it's not her fault because she's so young but he wants her to think about letting her parents and his parents adopting him. Hannah no longer has a restraining order against Caleb, because her f…

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  • Scylarmcguiire

    Hades - Season 3

    February 9, 2017 by Scylarmcguiire

    Season 3: 12 episodes

    3.1 - 10/17/13 Ride or DIE IMDB: 8.9

    Sean returns home the next day, and Mary freaks out because he's been gone for a day. He finally finds out about Caleb being a father now, and that Caleb is about to leave for boarding school. Sean and Mary get into such a big fight, Sean accidentally slips about him not having the gene for cancer. Now, Mary knows the truth that she really has the gene. So she decides to get tested, and she does have the gene. Caleb has left for boarding school, and he says goodbye to Hannah and their son. Jenna finds the heroin that Alex never sold, that she was supposed to and Jenna decides to stop being her business partner. Because Jenna doesn't have a business partner, she asks Glades to be partne…

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    Hades - Season 2

    February 9, 2017 by Scylarmcguiire

    2.1 - 06/07/12 Folly IMDB: 8.8

    In the season premiere, Mary tries making Glades pack her things but Glades doesn't want to go. Glades and Mary get into an argument over everything and decide that Glades deserves one more chance. Because Mary has been under so much stress since Glades came, she went back to her therapist for the first time since Margarette died. Jenna finally asks her parents to get a test done to see if she will get cancer like her older sister. Caleb gets stuck into a sticky situation when his friend tells him that his ex-girlfriend is pregnant. (A new rumor is going around school that Caleb got his girlfriend pregnant) The strike has gotten out of control, 75% of the students are refusing to attend school because of princip…

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  • Scylarmcguiire

    Hades - Season 1

    February 9, 2017 by Scylarmcguiire

    Season 1: 09 episodes

    1.1 - 04/21/11 Part One IMDB: 8.7

    Glades McDaniel-Cohèn is a 17 year old girl who lives in Greece, and speaks Greek. After being transferred to the U.S., she enrolls into Black Field High School in Folksville, and lives with the principle of the school. (The principal has a 17 year old daughter and a 14 year old son) When the show starts, Glades is at the very beginning of their Junior year. Sean and his wife Mary give Glades a new bedroom. (The new bedroom was their old daughters bedroom; who died of cancer) Glades enjoys her new highschool and on her first day a rumor starts: Jenna is a lesbian and fake nudes of her are swarming the high school, the principal (Jenna’s father) is very upset about the situation and he's a…

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  • Scylarmcguiire

    Joy Ride 4: Rest Stop

    February 10, 2015 by Scylarmcguiire

    The fourth movie in the "Joy Ride" Franchise. I had this idea after watching part 3, I had an idea for Wrong Turn 7: Detour also.

    Joy Ride 4: End of the Road 1 hr 25 min. (85 minutes) Cast & Crew: Chris Evans as Robbie Hale, Jordana Brewster as Sarah Sharpe, Jordan Todosey as Jill Evans, Texas Battle as Trey Black, Taylor Momsen as Spencer Sawyer, William LaRock as Rusty Nail, OPENING SCENE CAST: Eliza Dushku as Jay Harper And Rusty Nail.

    ORDER THEY DIE IN: 1) Jay Harper 2) Trey Black 3) Jill Evans 4) Sarah Sharpe 5) Rusty Nail

    SURVIVORS: 1) Robbie Hale 2) Spencer Sawyer

    Written/Directed by: Scylar McGuire

    Description: Three Friends, Robbie, Sarah, and Trey are on there way to a Black Veil Brides concert and notice two hitch hikers there wa…

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  • Scylarmcguiire

    Wrong Turn 7 ideas!

    February 9, 2015 by Scylarmcguiire

    Here is my idea of Wrong Turn 7: Detour.

    Wrong Turn 7: Detour

    Written/Directed by: Scylar McGuire

    Released: 10/31/15

    Runtime: 99 minutes. (1 hr 39 min)

    Imdb rate: 5.4

    The longest Wrong Turn movie in the series.

    Also the last movie in the series.

    Features only Three Finger. (NO Danny, Sally, Saw Tooth or One Eye)


    Matthew Gray Gubler as Mark Reid.

    Sarah Fisher as Brielle Adams.

    Lauren London as Justice LaRock.

    Mila Kunis as Brooke Edwards.

    Chad Michael Murray as Nathan Edwards.

    Zac Efron as Dylan Strauss.

    Dylan O’ Brien as Trevor Strauss.

    Sophia Bush as Penelope Adams.

    Tyler Blackburn as Brian Scott.

    Dylan & Trevor are brothers.

    Brielle & Penelope are sisters.

    Actress Sophia Bush and Chad Michael Murray both starred in the show “One Tree Hill”.

    For the firs…

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  • Handsome Liar

    Adopting Wiki

    October 27, 2014 by Handsome Liar

    I'm planning to adopt the wiki, since the admin of this wiki isn't active anymore. Just letting anyone who goes here know. 

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  • XD1

    Room service has never been more terrifying as Three-Finger, One-Eye, and Saw-Tooth are back for the next bloody installment of the Wrong Turn franchise. To celebrate today's release of Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital HD - we present to you the Wrong Turn franchise infographic. Just in time for Halloween, the graphic details some of the bloodiest aspects of the Wrong Turn films. Share it with your readers for a bloody good time!


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