Billy Brolin


Name: Billy Brolin
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color:



Lost in a town

Known Relatives:

Cruz - girlfriend (deceased)

Lita - friend (Unknown, Most likely dead)

Gus - friend (deceased)

Julian - friend (deceased)


Cause of Death:



Head ran over by a snow blower

Three figures

Portrayed By: Simon Ginty

Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Billy Brolin is a character from Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines (2012). He is played by Simon Ginty.


Billy is one of the characters who appeared in Wrong Turn 5. His girlfriend is Cruz.  He loves Cruz and when Cruz does not come back he worries he finally searches and finds her dead. He then wakes up, buried to his head up, and gets killed by Three Finger. He spent most of the movie in bars.


He and Julian get killed by three finger. He gets decapitated by a snow blower. He is the sixth person to die. He was the third one of the friends to die.
File:Wrong Turn 5.jpg

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