Age : 22 Gender : Female Occupation : Military Woman Hair Color : Brown Eye Color : Brown Friends : Jake Washington Dale Murphy Enemies : Brother Sister Pa Talent : Fighting Status : Deceased


Amber is a contestant on the reality show. She is seen to be a member of the military and has come on the show not to make friends, but to get the money. She gets on well with Dale as he used to be a member of the military also, but does not get on well with Jonesy.

Despite this she is paired up with Jonesy for the task of finding food. While searching in the forest, Amber becomes angrily more annoyed with Jonesy's constant hits on her, forcing her to tell him she is a lesbian. After this the two bond and become friends.The pair stumble upon a camp with a piece of meat roasting over a fire. Jonesy convinces Amber that this is what they were searching for all along, and they take it back to camp. While Amber, Jonesy and Jake eat the meat, Amber reveals that she needs the money to pay back her dad for her bills, as he does not approve of her lifestyle.

Soon after, a terrified Nina arrives telling them of deformed hillbillies killing contestants. At first they do not believe her, but realize the meat they have been eating is Kimberly's severed leg. As the group run through the forest the discover traps have been set to catch them in the forest. They come across two mutants having sex, however mistake one of them to be Elena being raped. They confront the mutants, who in turn attack them. They all manage to get away, before splitting up to try and find the abandoned factory nearby. Amber goes with Jonesy. As they run, a mutant shoots an arrow at them which narrowly misses them.



As they run further, Jonesy is caught in a rope trap that pulls him into the air by his ankle. As he tells Amber to leave, she refuses and tries to untie the rope from the tree. She then sees an axe in the bushes and is about to cut him free when she too falls victim to an identical trap. As the pair hang upside down, Amber comforts Jonesy. Pa and Brother arrive and Brother shoots an arrow that goes through the pairs head, killing them both. She is the fifth person to die, followed very closely by Jonesy, who dies in practically the same instant.

Physical AppearanceEdit