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Alex Miles
Alex Miles
Name: Alex Miles
Gender: Female

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

Dark Brown

Dark Brown

Status: Alive
Portrayed By: Janet Montgomery

Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead

Alexandra "Alex" Miles is a main protagonist in Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead. She is played by Janet Montgomery and is the only survivor.

Wrong Turn 3: Left for DeadEdit

Alex was on a rafting trip with her friends Sophie, Brent, and Trey in the Greenbriar back country of West Virginia. After the trip, group went to set up camp in the forest. Trey and Brent went off to look for firewood. Sophie and Alex chat with each other as Sophie takes her top off. Alex teases her about being an "exhibitionist" and leaves. Brent returns and Sophie is killed by Three Finger. Trey comes upon the scene and Brent and Trey flee into the forest. Brent and Trey are then hunted and killed. Alex comes upon the sight, and hides behind a rock. She gazes in horror as Three Finger rips Sophie's eye from an arrow and devours it. After Three Finger leaves, Alex takes off into the forest and Alex almost got killed by Three Finger.

She is the only survivor in this film.

Physical appearanceEdit

Alex is a medium-sized girl in her twenties. She wears her shoulder-length hair long, and swept back. She wore a white swimsuit top, a white tank top, blue shorts, and sneakers.


Alex was an adventurous girl who was very fond of the outdoors. However, during her stay with Nate and the inmates, she was seen as a sex object by the inmates, but was deemed by Chavez to be expendable if necessary.



  • She is the only protagonist of Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead to survive the events of the film.


Many sites claim her surname to be "Hale", with the character's real name Alex Miles to avoid comparsion with actress Lucy Hale who portrayed Aria Montgomery from the television series Pretty Little Liars.